Unpredictable Harmonics

Not the standard guitar harmonics

The story

Hi everyone, This is a sample pack created recording the harmonics of an electric guitar but instead of placing all the samples in order, I’ve mixed them up both octaves and round robins. The result of the experiment is a plucked percussive instrument that evolves with every single repetition. The mod wheel controls the Pro53 Low Pass Filter. The instrument is not perfect but it’s a great tool to play around with and spice up your inspiration. I hope you like it. Julian

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  • Inspiring randomness!

    I am such a sucker for randomness in such instruments, and this one that can totally get you going! It's about clean e-guitar harmonics, with the catch being that each key will randomly trigger a harmonic of the same note you are pressing, but from a random octave and round robin. The interesting part is that some round robins are different in volume and paning, so they create an even more unpredictable result.

    The GUI offers no options but you might easily miss that the Modwheel is bound to a low pass filter, which is always useful.

    You might get an initial error for missing files, but all you need to do is to select the main folder and check the three boxes on the left.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022
  • Random Harmonics

    This is a cool and highly inspiring library. The random octave and panning makes the instrument interesting, and the harmonics are well played. There's some noise in the samples, which is par for the course when sampling guitar, but when used in a mix, the noise is not particularly noticeable. The samples all seem to have been recorded at a pretty low volume, so that may have contributed to the noise. The samples weren't trimmed particularly tightly in the wave editor of Kontakt, so there is a little bit of timing variance as you play the instrument. Depending on your taste, this might add a desired element of human error to your sound, or it might be an annoyance.

    It's worth noting that this instrument is not velocity sensitive. The harmonics play at only one volume regardless of how hard you hit the keys. This feels like a little bit of a missed opportunity.

    Even with these minor complaints, this is still a highly inspiring library and worth checking out!

    Sam Ecoff03 May 2022