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Embark on a sonic adventure with “Hybrid Waves,” a Kontakt library that blends the rich analog warmth of a Moog Mother 32 with the crystal-clear precision of a Yamaha TX81z. This unique instrument collection offers a collection of seven low-end focused instruments that capture the essence of both worlds, providing a distinct sonic palette for your compositions.

“Hybrid Waves” defies convention by seamlessly merging the distinctive sounds of a Moog Mother 32 analog synthesizer with the digital precision of a Yamaha TX81z FM synthesizer. This unconventional combination results in a collection of instruments with a unique character, combining the warmth and grit of analog with the clarity and definition of digital.

The library offers seven distinct bass instruments, each with its own sonic personality:

* **Sub Bass:** Provides a deep, rumbling foundation for your tracks.

* **Punchy Bass:** Delivers a tight, punchy bass sound for energetic grooves.

* **Synth Bass:** Offers a versatile synth bass tone with both warmth and brightness.

* **Distorted Bass:** Adds a touch of analog dirt and grunge to your bass lines.

* **Modulated Bass:** Features dynamic modulation effects for expressive bass tones.

* **Reverb Bass:** Utilizes a unique reverb technique to create ethereal bass sounds.

* **Chorus Bass:** Features a classic 70s chorus effect for lush, vintage bass tones.

Each instrument comes equipped with a user-friendly interface that provides controls for additional distortion, modulation, and reverb, allowing you to shape the sound to your liking. Additionally, the mod wheel is mapped to the Pro53 filter, enabling real-time tonal manipulation.

For added versatility, each instrument includes seven custom presets, offering a variety of starting points for your creative explorations. Moreover, eight arpeggiator presets are included, providing rhythmic patterns and melodic sequences to enhance your bass lines.

With a total of 105 patches, including the seven instruments, seven presets per instrument, and eight arpeggiator presets per instrument, the “Hybrid Waves” library provides a wealth of sonic possibilities for your musical creations.

**Compatible with Kontakt 6.6.0**

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  • Quite the arsenal

    I like this collection quite a lot, there is a great a variety of arpeggiators to be used, and the synth sounds have weight and playability. Great !

    armedaudiowarfare01 February 2022
  • Nicely curated bass synths & pulsing bass rhythms

    - 100 bass synth sounds

    - Excellent sound quality with deep and solid low end

    - Best custom curated bass synth patch collection on pianobook

    I was surprised to find such a unique custom made set of bass synth patches. Spitfire Audio and Julian Doe could make a fantastic Originals library of bass synth sounds and bass synth rhythmic loops.

    The TRON: Legacy, Bladerunner 2049 and Drive soundtracks use these kinds of sounds. I've also heard sounds like this used in some Alt-Country tracks by artists like Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois. There are a lot of applications for deep and pulsating bottom end. I think with a revisit of this concept and a bit of financial support and collaboration between Julian, Christian and Paul, they could come up with something that really knocks it out of the park with further usability and a sexy UI.

    When playing some of the pulsing loop rhythms, they don't always trigger on the note related to the key you're pressing down. It seems there can be some slight latency. A small technical issue that can easily be sorted in the MIDI editor.

    The more interesting bass rhythms are great. It would also be nice to have straight 8th note and 16th note choppy tremolo style deep bass pulsations for more general applications and versatility.

    Thank you Julian. This was a ton of work and the results are inspiring.

    Bob Guido04 January 2022
  • An enormous synth library

    This is an incredibly big library, that consists of 105 different presets, all based on familiar synth-based sounds. I believe those presets exist as an alternative to actual settings that you can tweak yourself. For these, you just get to have access to Saturation, Chorus and Reverb knobs. You also have the modwheel acting as filter, which is not indicated, but it works perfectly fine.

    If you have the patience and time to go through those patches, you will see some very nice sounds with pre-applied delay effects, evolutions, small looped sections and more. Some are really top notch quality, but some others are glitchy, with white noise, digital artifacts and non-synced action. Most of the ones I tried are excellent though.

    I believe they can offer some great inspiration to many, if they manage to overcome the overwhelming quantity. I'd very much prefer a smaller library with more tweaking options and delay control, but I'll take it!

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • I usually like a bit more control in my synths but this was still pretty great

    I think it pretty tricky to nail synth instruments on pianobook. Unlike organic instruments which dont usually need many controls, we all have soft synths with a million different controllable parameters. So i usually find with synths on pianobook you're trading quality for controllability. On the synths from pianobook i do end up keeping, I think theyre so amazing that im ok with sacrificing some control.
    This synth isn't necessarily that for me although i do think its really cool. I dont really use these kind of synths in my music so that already puts me at a bias. I use more "organic" sounding synths, similar to loafer arnalds and tycho.
    Theres a-lot of presets here, i think some of the arp ones are espicially interesting. If you press different notes at different times you can get some pretty weird and complex rhythms pretty easily which i think is super awesome. Also the low end of some of these synths is great. I think it would work really well for layering under kicks, not necessarily as a baseline, but to add some nice sub.
    Although i don't think this pack particularly suits me, i still think its pretty great and people that are more into synths than i am will probably really like it.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Old school FM meets new school analogue

    As someone old enough to have had hits with the TX81Z - Lately Bass anyone? - this one peaked my interest. The TX81Z was different from most of Yamaha's other FM synths as it could use waveforms other than Sine for its operators. It was still pretty "digital" sounding however, if a little fatter than other FM incarnations - so combining it with something fat and analogue like the Mother 32 seems like a great idea. On the whole I think this delivers what it promises. There are basically 7 sounds here with multiple variations of each. On the plus it's great that the Trems and Arps are tempo synced to your DAW. Having Saturation, Chorus and Reverb from the GUI is really good too and extends the variation of the sounds massively. The saturation especially is really good. The filter on the mod wheel works well, although there's no resonance available unless you do a deep dive under the hood. The actual sounds themselves are good and varied - but as others have said it's hard doing synth sounds on a sampler as there's relatively little tweakability. That said, what is here is good - and good decisions have been made regarding the sound characters which mean I think they might be a lot more useful than they maybe at first appear, particularly if you don't have access so a wide range of soft synths.

    Mark Lord27 December 2021