Strong Guitars

A simple power-chord guitar library

The story

This is a power-chord guitar library created with a Fender Telecaster played into an Orange Tiny Terror with a 10-inch speaker and no cabinet recorded in my room with an AKG C1000 and a Shure SM58. I’ve captured the sound of the speaker with the dynamic Right and the ambiance with the condenser Left. Then I’ve added a compressor, modulation, and extra reverb inside of Kontakt controllable via GUI and LPF rate assigned to the mod wheel.


Reviews for Strong Guitars

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  • All kinds of short e-guitar power-chords

    This bundle will give you access to 9 different guitar articulations, mostly based on short-style power-chords, though you will also find a couple of FX patches as well. The power-chords do sound a little synthetic to my ear, but that's maybe because I tend to record my own guitars. The GUI welcomes offers 3 options. I can't tell exactly what the first one is doing (and the icon is also cropped a little bit), but the second adds a little phase effect that unfortunately creates some clipping noises, and the 3rd one is a reverb.

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022