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**Unleash the Power of “Strong Guitars” – A Kontakt Library**

Embrace the raw energy and distorted grit of “Strong Guitars,” a Kontakt library meticulously crafted from a Fender Telecaster guitar played through an Orange Tiny Terror amplifier. This power-chord guitar library captures the essence of hard rock and punk rock tones, providing a versatile collection of sounds for your musical explorations.

**Capturing the Essence of Hard Rock and Punk Rock**

At the heart of “Strong Guitars” lies a Fender Telecaster guitar, renowned for its bright, clear tone and articulate attack. This iconic instrument was plugged into an Orange Tiny Terror amplifier, a popular choice among guitarists for its high-gain distortion and punchy bottom end. To further enhance the character of the sound, the signal was captured using a combination of an AKG C1000 dynamic microphone and a Shure SM58 condenser microphone. The dynamic microphone captured the punchy attack of the speaker, while the condenser microphone captured the overall ambience of the room.

**Dynamic and Responsive Power-Chords**

“Strong Guitars” offers a collection of nine distinct power-chord guitar sounds, each with its own unique tonal character. From crunchy, distorted chugs to clean, ringing chords, the library provides a diverse range of options for your hard rock and punk rock tracks.

**Intuitive Controls for Sonic Shaping**

To give you more control over the sound, “Strong Guitars” features a user-friendly interface with dedicated controls for compressor, modulation, and reverb. These controls allow you to tailor the sound to your specific needs, adding more bite, shimmer, or spaciousness to the power chords. Additionally, the mod wheel is mapped to the low-pass filter rate, enabling real-time tonal manipulation during performance.

**Minimum Compatible with Kontakt 6.6.1**


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  • Crisp distortion, lush power chords.

    These are nicely recorded guitar sounds, and there is a really decent range of articulations on offer. The distortion is nice and crisp, the chords lush underneath. This is probably a VST I'll use to add a quick bit of guitar texture to things, much simpler than trying to do the same with a more generic guitar VST and an amp sim/fx plugin.

    A little more description on the GUI might have been handy, though I admit I just tend to wiggle knobs to see what they do, and after all it's all about the sound.

    Cool VST though, well worth grabbing. Thanks.

    Giles M24 May 2022
  • Cool guitars

    I have a particular liking to unique guitar sounds, and this one definitely sounds great. Its simple and handy enough to get the job done for some more interesting sounds.

  • All kinds of short e-guitar power-chords

    This bundle will give you access to 9 different guitar articulations, mostly based on short-style power-chords, though you will also find a couple of FX patches as well. The power-chords do sound a little synthetic to my ear, but that's maybe because I tend to record my own guitars. The GUI welcomes offers 3 options. I can't tell exactly what the first one is doing (and the icon is also cropped a little bit), but the second adds a little phase effect that unfortunately creates some clipping noises, and the 3rd one is a reverb.

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022