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‘Clarinet Swan Song,’ is a Kontakt library that evokes the haunting beauty of a broken clarinet. This extraordinary instrument captured the final whispers of a damaged clarinet, transformed into a source of melancholic melodies and ethereal textures.

**A Tale of Transformation**

‘Clarinet Swan Song’ chronicles the transformation of a broken instrument into a unique sonic voice. Duct tape and cotton were meticulously applied to the clarinet’s holes, allowing for the creation of haunting, otherworldly notes. These delicate sounds were then captured with an AKG C1000 microphone, preserving their fragility and nuance.

**Amplified with Grit and Character**

To amplify the clarinet’s delicate tones, a Marshall Guvnor guitar pedal was plugged into an Orange Tiny Terror with a broken speaker. This unconventional combination added a layer of raw, distorted texture, lending an edge to the clarinet’s melancholic melodies.

**Enhanced with Logic Pro’s Touch**

The amplified signal was further enhanced with Logic Pro’s powerful EQ, compressor, and tremolo effects. These effects refined the instrument’s sound, adding depth, dynamics, and a touch of tremulous character.

**A Unique Voice for Cinematic Soundscapes**

‘Clarinet Swan Song’ offers a distinctive voice for your compositions, adding a touch of melancholic beauty and otherworldly ambiance to your sound. Whether you’re crafting cinematic soundtracks, experimental electronic music, or anything in between, this library provides a rich source of sonic exploration.

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  • Un Expected goody..

    With just the name of it, I thought maybe one will use it very little but the GUI and the sounds and all are soo good, that I am addicted to it.
    and It's not just the sounds that are impressive, The GUI is the best. The cartoonish style takes me.
    All in all Great product.

    Anunay01 December 2021
  • A Great Mellotron-like Wind Synth

    Yet another review below me that clearly hasn't spent long than 2 minutes with the instrument. In response to that, You absolutely CAN alter the release of this instrument, simply by clicking the spanner icon in Kontakt, you can mould the sound as you like, which makes this really quite versatile. For me the noise floor is a bit loud in the top register, due to how it's been recorded through a guitar amp. But whack on a subtle high pass EQ and you won't hear it, nor will you lose any character or body from the instrument. Overall the sound definitely feels like a mellotron patch to me, which I absolutely love, I've already implemented this into a project I'm working on right now. Great work!

    R.Treves25 October 2021
  • I wasn't expecting this

    I didn't donwload this for a while after it's launch because by the title I sort of judged a book by its cover and assumed I wouldn't want to use it. I'm so happy I was wrong and gave it a shot, this thing has super cool old scifi film mojo mixed with some organic-y odd harmonic wind flare. Handles reverb and delay like a beast, timbrally bright but not sibilant at all. I personally have saved this patch with it shifted up to be in the correct octave and have stretched the key range to fill the keyboard so I can lay down massive bass with it and let some higher notes get drenched in any processing if desired. This is awesome, thank you Julian for uploading this.

    ConnerSamplist 13 November 2021
  • Very synthy with clarinet-like vibes

    This is an interesting sound because it's very difficult to pinpoint. At first blush, it sounds like the heavily vibrato laden synth leads used in the early 80s, but as you listen more carefully, you can hear the clarinet shining through. There's no round robins, and only one velocity layer. The instrument seems to be mapped one octave higher than concert pitch, which isn't a huge deal. A much bigger deal is the intonation. Notes range from almost dead on to tp 40 cents sharp. I understand that some users may prefer the authenticity without pitch correction, but it might have been nice to at least offer a pitch corrected option. For my uses, I would have preferred a pitch corrected version only. While it's possible to change the envelope characteristics by digging, it's always kind of a nice thing to have them on the GUI for quick adjustment. Even with some digging, the attack can't be adjusted because the samples themselves have a very slow attack. I suppose you could alter the sample start time, but we're now getting into an area where there are fewer users comfortable making that adjustment. My other wish for this instrument is that a looping option was offered so the notes would sustain longer. It would make the instrument more useable as a pad. Overall, it's a unique sounding instrument, though.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 26 October 2021
  • Sci-fi synth clarinet lead.

    For me this is what sampling is all about. I can tell there's clarinet in there - somewhere - but it's mangled enough to be transformed into a useful synth lead style sound. Hits the spot - good work.

    Mark Lord31 October 2021
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