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Looking for a sample pack that captures the raw, gritty character of an old-school Fender PJ copy bass guitar? Well, look no further! This pack is your golden ticket to punching mono bass lines, ethereal pads, and rhythmic pulses, all recorded directly into Logic and ready to add some fire and personality to your tracks.

This Fender PJ copy might not have a fancy name on its headstock, but don’t let that fool you. It’s got that classic Fender sound – punchy, articulate, and full of attitude. We plugged it straight into Logic, bypassing any fancy outboard gear, to capture its raw, unadulterated sound.

Whether you’re laying down funky grooves, rocking out to hard rock anthems, or crafting ambient soundscapes, this sample pack has something for you. We’ve got punchy key bass lines, raw mono bass grooves, ethereal pads, pulsating rhythms, and wide-ranging mono bass variations – all the sonic ammo you need to elevate your tracks.

These samples are your blank canvas, ready to be transformed into your sonic masterpiece. Get dirty with distortion, experiment with modulation, or add some trippy effects – let your creativity run wild!

From funky grooves to hard rock anthems to ambient soundscapes, this sample pack is your passport to a diverse sonic landscape. The raw, characterful tones of this Fender PJ copy bass will breathe new life into your productions, adding a touch of authenticity and grit that’ll make your tracks stand out from the crowd.

These samples play nice with Logic and a whole bunch of other DAWs, so you can seamlessly integrate them into your creative workflow. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or a budding musician, this pack is a valuable tool for expanding your sonic horizons.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this Mangled PJ Bass Sample Pack and unleash your creative potential today!

Reviews for Mangled PJ Bass

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  • Unique Bass!

    I really loved the presents Wider, Pad, and Mono. I placed a chorus on the sound and it really livened up the whole sound. I really liked to experiment with the pulse presets. I would play them in a way that made it almost have this delay arpeggiated feel to it. It is simple, and easy to control. I always find some of my newest favorite things with plugins is the different kinds of controls. The more I can edit, the more I can make it unique. I would love a version of this bass with more control such as an equalizer. Overall, a very fun and inspiring plugin!

    Noah25 May 2022
  • Bassy choices

    This relatively big instrument is about a synthetic bassy sound that most of us are into. You will find 9 different patches, featuring rhythmic pulses, or different stereo field placement, and more. The sounds are very deep with an interesting twist, and huge sustain. While you won't find any settings in the GUI, you can easily tweak the envelope and the filters within the Kontakt instrument options (from the wrench tool on the top left).

    As a side note, I found very interesting that the "KEY" patch has a delay that is tempo synced, so that's very nice. In contrast, the pulses seem pre-fixed to a certain tempo each.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022