Mangled PJ Bass

Unexpected sounds from a cheap bass

The story

Hi everyone, This is a sample pack created recording a cheap Fender PJ copy, direct into the soundcard into Logic. I’ve manipulated the recorded sound to create three different instruments Key, Mono Bass, and Pad, Three pulses, and three wide variations of the mono bass. I hope you like it. Julian

Reviews for Mangled PJ Bass

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  • Bassy choices

    This relatively big instrument is about a synthetic bassy sound that most of us are into. You will find 9 different patches, featuring rhythmic pulses, or different stereo field placement, and more. The sounds are very deep with an interesting twist, and huge sustain. While you won't find any settings in the GUI, you can easily tweak the envelope and the filters within the Kontakt instrument options (from the wrench tool on the top left).

    As a side note, I found very interesting that the "KEY" patch has a delay that is tempo synced, so that's very nice. In contrast, the pulses seem pre-fixed to a certain tempo each.

    Alex Raptakis21 March 2022