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**Experience the Unconventional Sounds of Sinewaves Vol. 2**

Embark on a sonic adventure with Sinewaves Vol. 2, a Kontakt library that delves into the unconventional sonic possibilities of sine waves. This unique collection of 15 instruments builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, Sinewaves Vol. 1, further exploring the creative potential of these fundamental building blocks of sound.

**A Journey into Sine Wave Manipulation**

The sine waves that serve as the foundation for Sinewaves Vol. 2 were meticulously recorded in various rooms using an AKG C1000 microphone. These sine waves were then transformed into distinctive sonic voices through a combination of guitar pedals, a Yamaha SPX 90, and the versatile effects section of Kontakt.

**15 Instruments with Diverse Sonic Personalities**

Sinewaves Vol. 2 offers a diverse array of 15 instruments, each possessing its own unique sonic character:

1. **Bass Pulse:** Create pulsating bass tones with adjustable LFO rate.

2. **Bell Synth Bouncing:** Emulate the bouncing sustain of a bell synth.

3. **Deecs:** Add chorus to create lush, evolving soundscapes.

4. **Delayed:** Craft ambient tones with adjustable delay and sustain parameters.

5. **Drops:** Shape formant characteristics to achieve vowel-like textures.

6. **Large Tremolando Vocaloid:** Generate tremolo effects reminiscent of a vocaloid.

7. **Mariimba Sine:** Simulate the delicate sounds of a mariimba with modulation control.

8. **Not My Note:** Introduce flanger effects for swirling, psychedelic sounds.

9. **OOO:** Enhance your sounds with additional flanger effects.

10. **Pipe Synth:** Capture the fast Leslie effect of a pipe organ.

11. **Rhythm-o-Sine:** Create rhythmic patterns with adjustable low-pass filter frequency.

12. **Rhythmique:** Add flanger effects to rhythmic tones.

13. **Tidal Sine:** Explore modulated sine waves for evolving textures.

14. **Unstable:** Shape dynamic sounds with adjustable low-pass filter frequency.

15. **Wait:** Generate evolving textures with adjustable low-pass filter frequency.

**Creative Control and Sonic Versatility**

Each instrument in Sinewaves Vol. 2 features dedicated controls for further sonic manipulation, allowing you to tailor the sound to your specific needs and creative vision. Experiment with delay, reverb, distortion, modulation, and other effects to shape the sine waves into your desired sonic palette.

**Seamless Integration with Kontakt 6.6.0**

Reviews for Sinewaves Vol.2

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  • As though the first one wasn't a sine

    I knew going in that this was going to be great, and it didn't fail to impress.
    Lots of great presets with very playable sounds.
    The sample quality is so good, it's hard to believe it's not just direct.
    The UI has no functionality like the last time around, but I've accepted that this is for my own good. Go tweak some where else.

    rrahim24 May 2022
  • Another 15 awesome sine-based instruments!

    After the first bunde of Sinewaves, Julian is offering another 15 very cool sounds of them. This time, you will find some more rhythmic elements on them, with the same good quality and variety. You won't find any extra options to alter the sound, but overall 30 different patches are more than enough. The If you haven't checked out the first volume, be sure to check it out!

    Alex Raptakis24 January 2022
  • A Nice collection of synth sounds Vol. 2

    Similar to the Vol. 1 pack (check it out if you haven't already) - a bunch of different synth presets with different effects bound to the modwheel. These ones seem to have a bit more of a specific character than those in Vol 1 - many with evolving textures or rhythmic effects. I'm also getting more '80s soundtrack' than 'retro gaming' vibes from most of these. The advantage mentioned in the Vol. 1 review of being able to reverse-engineer all the effects and modulations is here again. Another fun little collection!

    EamonSamplist 24 May 2022
  • Great collection of synth sounds

    This pack, along with vol1 and vol3, make a great collection of synth sounds, all stemming from a sine wave, from rumbling basses to bleeps and bloops and everything inbetween.

    The mod-wheel control is a sensible addition, varying the dominating sound for each of the patches.

    QorbeQSamplist 24 May 2022