Steinway Grand

A beautiful Steinway Grand from Mediatech Institute in Dallas, TX

The story

I sampled the Steinway Grand at Mediatech Institute in Dallas, TX using a blend of Coles 4038’s, U47 clones and KM 84’s recorded through an SSL console.

I taught a music production class at Mediatech for close to 5 years. I spent most of my free moments at this piano. I focused on trying to make the sound as tight and warm as possible. The microphones were placed close to the soundboard and more attention was paid to the quieter velocity samples.



Reviews for Steinway Grand

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  • My go-to grand piano

    This is a five-star piano! I really like the character of this piano, the great sound recording, and the overall well-balanced sound. Since it was released this piano has been part of my template. It's also light on CPU and it's very recommended if you're composing on an old laptop like mine.

    Julian Doe12 October 2021
  • Sublime Piano

    I find myself constantly returning to this piano. The sound is so inviting, it feels like sitting down with an old friend. Almost every time I load it up I get an idea for a new piece. That's exactly what I want in a in sample. Bravo

    Extraplanar Music12 October 2021
  • I'm a sucker for a Steinway

    I think this is now going to be in my top 3 go-to pianos. I love the tone, I love the feeling and sound of playing it. My only issue it that it sounds a bit soft, maybe another dynamic layer or just some tweaking. Ultimately, it is an amazing piano and I think I'll use it in a lot of cinematic stuff! For solo piano, it sounds great, but as a pianist I feel like I need a bit more dynamics to feel like I'm playing the sound I would play on the piano. Looking for a softer piano though, this is perfect!

    Ada Maskil30 October 2021
  • A Very Lyrical Piano

    Okay, I'm a snob. I date back to early samplers. Through all that to being North American product manager for the GeneralMusic Pro and ProMega series hybrid AI pianos. This little piano is a champ. Small sample libraries without an AI component seem to rely on the attack and decent loop and an envelope generator. This piano is beautiful, warts and all. Like an old friend, and surprisingly unlike most piano libraries, this doesn't sound like a collection of audio Polaroids flying by but rather a unified whole. In fact, that would be my overall comment - it plays like one, well-loved piano, not like 4,000 samples pasted together. You could pay real money and be far worse off.

    Phil07 February 2022
  • Excellent sounding piano full of character...

    An excellent Steinway grand sample library full of crisp, clear and rich tones. The samples are extremely well recorded, as good as or better sounding than many commercial piano libraries.

    garaughty12 February 2022
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