The story

I sampled the Steinway Grand at Mediatech Institute in Dallas, TX using a blend of Coles 4038’s, U47 clones and KM 84’s recorded through an SSL console.

I taught a music production class at Mediatech for close to 5 years. I spent most of my free moments at this piano. I focused on trying to make the sound as tight and warm as possible. The microphones were placed close to the soundboard and more attention was paid to the quieter velocity samples.



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  • Perfect and honest

    Jon's Steinway is nothing if not an honest, simple-to-use, sampled piano. The velocity layers add plenty of finesse and the recorded mechanical sounds of the keys and pedals add to the authenticity. It's a delight to play as a solo instrument.

    Giles M15 August 2022
  • Awesome work!

    What a great piece of hard work! Thanks for everything.

    HgsMusic29 December 2023
  • A masterpiece

    This is my favorite instrument on pianobook. A masterfully recorded piano with definition, warmth and mojo that rivals many paid libraries. Great job Jon and thank you for your work.

    lukevaljean26 September 2022
  • My go-to grand piano

    This is a five-star piano! I really like the character of this piano, the great sound recording, and the overall well-balanced sound. Since it was released this piano has been part of my template. It's also light on CPU and it's very recommended if you're composing on an old laptop like mine.

    Julian DoeSamplist 12 October 2021
  • Superbly Sampled Grand Piano

    This is really a premium Steinway Grand Piano library for free. It sounds really full and warm and is a joy to play. The four velocity layers are very responsive and allow for expressive playing. Jon has done a fantastic job with this and I highly recommend it for everyone who needs a nice Grand Piano.

    AndromedaX827 September 2022
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