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‘Broken Guitar’ is a Kontakt library that captures the raw, untamed essence of a distorted electric guitar played with sticks and an Ebow. This unconventional instrument blends the grit of a broken speaker, the ethereal sustain of an Ebow, and the harmonic richness of an electric guitar, offering a unique palette for sonic exploration.

‘Broken Guitar’ was meticulously crafted through a combination of analog and digital techniques. The guitar was plugged into an Orange Tiny Terror with a broken speaker, adding a layer of distorted texture and unpredictable sonic quirks. The signal was then captured with an AKG C1000 microphone, preserving the nuances of the performance and the character of the amp.

The recorded signal was further enhanced with a selection of Kontakt’s powerful effects, including distortion, modulation, and reverb. These effects provide additional control over the instrument’s sonic character, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.

‘Broken Guitar’ offers a distinctive voice for your compositions, adding a touch of raw energy and unconventional beauty to your sound. Whether you’re crafting cinematic soundtracks, experimental electronic music, or anything in between, this library provides a rich source of sonic exploration.

Reviews for Disturbed Bowed Guitar

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  • Could be great if it wasn't for the noise

    You might easily find out that there are some spiky clicks that might annoy you, and those are not easy to deal with in a mix. I believe it has some amazing potential because the sound signature is far from bad! The GUI is nice, but it would be nice to have the modwheel setting on the GUI as well, because not many people have it, so they need the ability to remap it. Not a fan of plain white wallpapers though, makes my eyes hurt at night-time! Show some mercy!

    Alex Raptakis27 October 2021
  • Phat Modulation

    This is really cool and i can already see myself using this. I don't think it works for melodic lines, as a guitar player i have never found sampled guitars convincing, there's something about the articulation of playing guitar that i feel like can't really be replicated in sampling. However i think this would work great for a single hit at the beginning of a phrase or something. it also sounds really awesome and fat in the low end. Some notes have clicks but i have izotope declick and I've always felt that it does a really good job of taking away clicks without messing up the sound

    septemberwalk22 October 2021
  • Evokes the sound of Depeche Mode, but has a few tiny issues, here's the solution for users...

    Firstly the sound of this library is great. What Julian has created from his guitar throws back to a Depeche Mode kind of sound. As others have pointed out, this library does have a few small snags. However the other reviews I've seen aren't offering any solutions. The first issue is the noise. It's not overly noisy, but on a long sustained note the noise does build up, as you'd expect from a guitar amp.... Julian, if you experiment in sampling this kind of sound again, and I hope you do, I'd reccomend running through a Noise Suppressor pedal first. This will kill a lot of the unwanted amp noise that occurs. Also if you have a De-Noise plugin like iZotope's Rx7, that would help make for some clean samples that remain characterful. The second issue is the sample trimming. This issue actually contributes to the first, as some of the samples are just too long. Trimming them up and adding fades to the ends would be a very easy way to make sure each sample is the same length and far less noisy. This is something that the user can do in the Kontakt sample editor in a short space of time. The clicking noise people have mentioned is due to inconsistencies in where the sample start marker has been placed. Again this is easily fixable in the Kontakt sample editor. Perhaps someone out there with Rx7 can de noise and re-trim this samples to re-upload for v2, as a permanent solution for everyone. Overall... Good work!

    R.Treves25 October 2021
  • Almost done...

    It seems like this library was release a week too soon, as there are a few things that need to be cleaned up before it becomes good to use. As others have mentioned, there is substantial noise buildup and issues with sample length. The GUI also seems kinda plain and didn't really fit the vibe of what I was expecting from a distorted guitar library, but that's entirely personal preference. Get those few things cleaned up and it'll be a super cool library!

    Christopher26 October 2021
  • Great tones, but there's work to be done

    This library has some great guitar tones, but there's some definite work left to do before it reaches its true potential. When you look at the waveforms in Kontakt, there are almost like two starting points to each note. That's what's causing the clicking noted by other reviewers. It would be interesting to see if that was caused by something in the recording or editing process. The second big issue is that there's a lot of noise in this sample, probably from the amp that was recorded. It quickly piles up to make this instrument almost unusable unless it's played monophonically. I'd love to hear this library after some more work was done on it.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 24 October 2021