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“Stylophone Waves” is a collection of sounds crafted from the humble Stylophone, but with a whole lot of extra sonic magic sprinkled in.
We’ve taken this iconic toy instrument and put it through the wringer, processing it through a bunch of guitar pedals and a Yamaha SPX90 multi-effects processor to unleash its hidden depths.

The result is a treasure trove of sounds, from the raw, untamed tones of the Stylophone to meticulously crafted presets that’ll transport you to otherworldly sonic landscapes. Whether you’re crafting retro electronic tracks, adding a touch of quirkiness to your productions, or exploring the boundaries of ambient sound design, this synth group is your go-to sonic toolkit.

We’ve captured the raw Stylophone sounds for those who love its authentic character, while also creating modulated and atmospheric presets that’ll add depth and texture to your music. And if you’re looking for some rhythmic drive, we’ve got pulse-pounding beats and percussive grooves that’ll get your feet moving.

So, grab your DAW, dust off your creative hat, and dive into the sonic wonderland of “Stylophone Waves”. With its diverse range of sounds and endless creative possibilities, this synth group is the perfect companion for any music maker. Unleash your creativity and let the Stylophone’s transformed sounds breathe new life into your tracks!

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  • Incredible synth sounds!

    At first I can't say I was impressed by the simplicity of the original Alpha, Beta and Gamma patches. They were alright, well recorded, but definitely not mindblowing - until I realised there are more, custom ones - and these are the real deal!

    So in total, you get 10+3 patches of very well recorded synth sounds, but the 10 custom ones are simply amazing to my ears! I absolutely love every single one of them, and I believe you will, too!

    In the (kind of busy for my taste) GUI background image you will find an Attack, a Decay and a Release knob, which are very handy when it comes to such synth sounds, so this fairly small sized bundle will give you access to some trully nice synths, guaranteed!

    Alex Raptakis13 July 2022
  • Awesome Synth Sounds

    With this package you get 3 basic sounds and 10 custom patches. The 3 basic patches sound nice and are very usable but the real star here are the custom patches which offer a nice variety of cool sounds. Overall a very nice library with some surprising sounds.

    AndromedaX822 September 2022