Ebow Evo Guitar

An Ebowed guitar with a very simple evolution

The story

Hi everyone, This is an instruments created with a Fender Telecaster played with an Ebow recorded directly into Logic Pro using API compressor and eq and ValhallaDSP reverb. If you hold the note it will progressively shift the tune, so holding a chord can create unexpected results. There are two patches called “Keys” and the difference from the main one is that the attack is faster allowing the patches to be played like a keyboard with the result to have less and no evolution. The “Low” patch has been made for layering purpose and it hase the same characteristics of the standard. I hope you like it. Julian

Reviews for Ebow Evo Guitar

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  • I enjoy the patches

    I enjoy the drone-ish tones. Only suggestion to user is if you find the attack a bit clicky on the first couple presets, go into kontakt wrench settings and slow the attack a tad (1-1.5ms is fine) to hide the initial "click" on keypress.

    durable03 May 2022
  • A nice lead+pad insturment

    This is a nice synthetic-sounding instrument that comes in 4 different versions. Two of them are more lead-like with a defined attack(keys), one subby bass pad (low) and one pad-like with a soft delayed attack (natural). The sounds are very warm, nicely sampled, and they play nicely with no problems.

    The patches are very barebones, yet for such sounds though I feel that they would shine with full ADSR filters and some more effects, like a shimmery reverb, but that's up to everyone's creativity.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022