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Ebow Evo Guitar is a collection of unique sounds crafted from the combination of a Fender Telecaster, an Ebow, and some carefully selected effects. This instrument offers a diverse range of sounds, from evolving, shifting tones to keyboard-like textures, providing a versatile palette for your musical explorations.

At the heart of this instrument lies a classic Fender Telecaster guitar, renowned for its bright, articulate tones and distinctive twang. To add a touch of otherworldly texture, the Telecaster was played using an Ebow, a magnetic pickup-driven sound generator that creates sustained, vibrato-like sounds. The resulting sounds were then meticulously recorded directly into Logic Pro, capturing the raw character and intricate details of the performance.

To further enhance the sonic palette, two additional patches were created: “Keys” and “Low.” The “Keys” patch features a faster attack, allowing the instrument to be played like a keyboard, resulting in fewer or no pitch shifts. The “Low” patch is designed for layering purposes, offering the same sonic characteristics as the standard patch but in a lower octave.

This instrument offers a diverse array of sounds, catering to a wide spectrum of musical genres and creative aspirations:

Evolving Telecaster Tones: Experience the captivating, shifting tones of the Ebow Telecaster, perfect for creating ambient textures, evolving melodies, and atmospheric soundscapes.

Keyboard-Like Telecaster Textures: Explore the unique keyboard-like textures of the “Keys” patch, ideal for crafting synth-inspired leads, rhythmic patterns, and chordal accompaniments.

Low-End Telecaster Layering: Unleash the rich, low-end presence of the “Low” patch, perfect for adding depth and warmth to your bass lines, sub basses, and layering applications.

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  • I enjoy the patches

    I enjoy the drone-ish tones. Only suggestion to user is if you find the attack a bit clicky on the first couple presets, go into kontakt wrench settings and slow the attack a tad (1-1.5ms is fine) to hide the initial "click" on keypress.

    durable03 May 2022
  • An interesting sound

    Its an interesting long paddy guitar with an interesting sound. Some of the higher notes are a bit too piercing and I would have tweaked them further, or perhaps reduce the mapping more as they are not so useful. Otherwise its a really nice one.

  • A nice lead+pad insturment

    This is a nice synthetic-sounding instrument that comes in 4 different versions. Two of them are more lead-like with a defined attack(keys), one subby bass pad (low) and one pad-like with a soft delayed attack (natural). The sounds are very warm, nicely sampled, and they play nicely with no problems.

    The patches are very barebones, yet for such sounds though I feel that they would shine with full ADSR filters and some more effects, like a shimmery reverb, but that's up to everyone's creativity.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022
  • The Ebow natural preset is a winner!

    Nice library, but I can't stop raving about the Ebow natural preset! It is better than my purchased Ebow library by a famous developer. Much better.

    Providence25 October 2022