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“Spoon Guitar” is a Kontakt library that captures the unexpected musicality of a spoon strumming against guitar strings. This unique instrument transforms a mundane kitchen utensil into a source of rhythmic, tonal textures, adding a touch of unconventional beauty to your compositions.

“Spoon Guitar” explores the unconventional sonic possibilities of a humble spoon, as it dances across the strings of an electric guitar. The result is a collection of captivating sounds, ranging from percussive clicks and scrapes to ethereal, bell-like tones.

To further sculpt the sounds, the guitar was connected to a selection of granular effect processors from Soundtoys and Glitchmachines. These effects added layers of texture, distortion, and rhythmic complexity, transforming the simple spoon strums into a rich and evolving sonic tapestry.

The Kontakt library provides user-friendly controls for additional saturation, chorus, and delay, allowing you to further shape the sound to your taste. The mod wheel is mapped to the LPF pro 53 filter, enabling real-time tonal manipulation.

“Spoon Guitar” offers a unique sonic palette for a wide range of genres, from cinematic soundtracks and experimental electronic music to ambient soundscapes and unconventional percussion tracks. The instrument’s rhythmic and tonal textures can add a touch of intrigue and unpredictability to your compositions.

**Compatible with Kontakt 6.6.0**

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  • Extremely processed guitar effects

    This is a massive library with 26 different patches, and each one of them is completely different from the others. They all feature a very synthetic guitar sound, barely recognizable in many cases, and they come up with 3 extra options for the user to tweak, Distortion, Chorus and Delay, along with a filter bound to the modwheel or CC1, not visible through the GUI.

    I find the sounds being very nicely sampled, and they can really give you tons of options. You are going to love them if you are into sci-fi SFX, guaranteed! There are not only SFX patches though, there are some nice musical ones as well. I really like the first (01) and the last (Without Loop). You can even try to layer some of the patches to create even more unique sounds, it's totally up to your patience and to your imagination.

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021
  • Anything but a Guitar

    I think Julian and I have pretty different taste. Every time i play with one his libraries i think its super cool but dont personally find it useful for the music i do. This one i think is cooler than usual. As i say in the title its anything but a guitar. It's a pretty big collection of weird sound effects and instruments. Some i could see being used in electronic music while some wouldn't sound out of place as sound effects in a video game. We dont often get sound effects on pianobook that aren't really meant to be played as instruments so i think this is extra cool. My favorites are some of the unpredictable pulsing rhythms and the water splash sound effect is really awesome. The GUI also offers a few very nice effects.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • Spoontaneous Guitar Attack

    The processing on this instrument is just enough to still be able to hear a little bit of the organic sound of the guitar. It has an attack that you wouldn't expect from a guitar and it sounds unique! The difference between the two key ranges (zones) is a little sudden, but with some knowledge about Kontakt that can be changed if necessary. But due to both the key ranges being quite different and lack of round robins it's probably best suited as a background element in your tracks.

    Nomax24 May 2022