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carlosrgz’s Reviews

  • Beautifully chaotic!!!

    I recently used this wonderful library in one of my composition. Ir provides wonderful chaotic textures, almost ever changing. One of my favories ever!!

    Santa Croce26 October 2023
  • Nice!!

    An excellent addtion to our catalog of string instruments. This Guitarron sounds very low and it seems to be samled at several velocities. I wish the lower octave could be at the same loudness, but its all right. It will ver very useful to many kinds of composition. I will be following this samplist (from my country) to watch out for any other singular and wonderful instruments like this.

    Mexican Guitarron30 March 2023
  • Very nice!!

    I love this kind of sounds. From extreme to extreme very versatile. I only hope future versions of DS would include a Filter ADSR cutoff freq and everything else. For this sounds would be very practical. I will use and external filter instead for the moment