The story

When I was a kid this was my first instrument. I suspect this is the case for many musician.
The Harmonica it is very similar to the Melodica. The Harmonica is better for chords. I
Its original range and notes its limited but with new technologies it can be exteded to a chromatic instrument.
Every note contains several harmonics so the interpolation is not always perfect.
Still I liked the result, and sometimes sounds like an accordion. Harmonica, Melodica and Acoordion use the same
system of sounds. As far as I understand the sound is produced by vibration of a small metal plates.


Reviews for Harmonica

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  • 4 Stars

    It sounds really nice! Love it! Keep up the good work guys!

    UlisesMK09 April 2023
  • Sounds good, but not optimized

    Notes on Harmonica do not correspond to actual notes on the keys.
    Long notes are not properly looped and some of them have some random 'expression' in it.
    Lower notes are just pitched down so it sounds cheap.
    Playing through 'Normal' preset fast clicks (not enough release?)
    These things should be improved and then it would be a really cool library

    Petr Knedlik08 May 2023