The story

I noticed a hitting sound when my washing machine turned on. It was hits at the beginning , then conerted in a oscilated sound. I sampled and reduced to 1/8 the duration.
The phase were it hit to the oscilated regular sound, was interesting to modculate a sine and saw wave. I applied a filter (Vital). And processed 5 different versions containing different harmonics.
I manually reduced low pass filter and levels of two oscilators. So the low velocities produced less harmonics and level 5 produced a chaotic metallic modulated sound.
I liked the results. It is a powerful pad almost for heavy metal or dubstep music.


Reviews for WM Noises

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  • Chaotic or Beautiful?

    This instrument blew my mind! On one hand, it can be chaotic and insane sounding, but I got it dialed in to where it's a haunting beautiful sound. I absolutely ADORE this instrument, and I look forward to other strange but amazing sample packs from him!!


    Mr. M-Bag24 June 2023
  • Scary!

    If my own washing machine made such a sound I would immediatly request a priest for an exorcism!

    FLH320 March 2023