The story

This sound was created using the metal strings of an acoustic guitar.
Sliding a piece of metal over the transversal texture of the strings.
As you may already know this, the sixth, fifth and foruth strings are made using
some kind of metal and the core is surrounded by an helicoidal additional string.
This is the reason the texture is soft to the touch. Each pass of this helicoidal can be used to create sound.
I learned this technique using a electric guitar and sliding the pick along the string. The sounds is some king
of sliding with harsh distorted sound, even coming form an acousting guitar.

There are 8 presets, 7 of them are different variations of the same technique, some short and some long.
The last preset it is a looped sound creating a cosntinuos sound (pad). It was important to extend this sort of sounds downwards,
because some of the best textures occur there.


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