The story

The idea was to create an additive synth with 4 root waves (sine, square, triangle and saw) and 16 harmonics created with sine waves. My intention was to recreate
natural harmonics as exactly as possible. The result was very interesting. It can be used as a pad or as a pluck. The provided example uses plucks. You can modify the mix of harmonics
to your liking. I tried to recreate nature pipe sounds. I succeded partially. I thinks is just a question of harmonic balance. However, I created
15 interesting presets mixing at different quantities each harmonic. I decided to create a second version (+ version) adding ADSR independent in five groups: root and
4 groups of harmonicsall can be configured to your liking, and addd 5 keyswitches with 5 differente general ADSR settings (All groups)You can see the mix whenever you
select a preset. It is a very graphic implementatin of this process. For more versatile uses, I also
included 3 additional root waves to add some known colors to the mix. Here is an example. Works best with chorus activated:


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