The story

A tradition it seems to be disappearing from Mexico. I took some samples from my local Organ grinder (The last one).
O took the best 3 notes and superpossed them. You can mix them at S1, S2, S3 slider. The sound is just beautiful.
I couldnt take the bass sounds from the instruments. They seem to be a little bit more simple. But I found that playing
with just these thress samples, I could emulate the mid and high range register of the instrument. Organ grinders used to be
very common in every city of Mexico, but now there are only a few of them. The sound is a mix between accordion, pipe organ and flute (at least to my earts)
I hope you like it. The photo was taken in a trip to Cancun back in 2003.


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  • this is so beatyfull

    Soundof this instrument is really sweet and nostalgic

    keila21 June 2024