The story

There is a wonderful freeware for FM synthesis (linear and exponential) called MS-2. Only the interface is complicated
and there are limitations to the use of velocity. However the sound is wonderful and crazy. So I experimented with two samples:
one with lots of harmonics, and another one simpler. I created the morphing between the 2 using the ampVelTrack of two groups, one at 1
(goes from 0 to 127) the other group at 0.5 (goes from 66 to 127). In this was at high velocities both are to a 100% volume. but a the lowest
velocity only plays the simpler sample. I created 10 plucks and their correspoding lower velocities samples and put everything in this instrument.
Besides velocity limiations (MS-2) still is a very experimental and buggy vst. Decent sampler is nicer. The best of both worlds


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