The story

I found this peculiar instrument-toy, somethimg between a hand rattle and a handheld jingle bells. I was curious about its sounds. So I sampled 16 different sounds, some loop,
some single hits. I also changed the pitch from some of them and obtained 5 more sounds. There are 21 differents sounds obtained from a single toy. I couldnt find any information or
picture in the web. I am not sure if its original from China or some other country. A local chinese importer was selling this for 1 dollar. It cant be a babies toy, because
of security reasons. I think it is some king of instrument. It is indeed very peculiar.


Reviews for Hand Rattle

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  • Needs high pass to bring out textures

    the noise floor is much too high, but a high pass at 3kHz brings out the lovely textures!

    TheGreatOz08 April 2023