The story

Back in 2017 we made a working trip to a small town. Everything went allright
until we begun hearing strange things in the Church speaker system. Hisses, clicks, pops,
damped growl and a bizarre set of harmonics in sucession. Some sort of ringing bells but with a
cotinuos flow. We know somethins about electronics, specially sound equipment but couldnt figureit out
what was causing this interference. Unfortunately, we were unable to record most of it in our vido cameras.
I would love to have had that bizarre harmonic sucession. It was something I have never hear before.

At the party, as we were filming and photographing all sort of things. We continuously felt little taps and touching in
the neck and back. At this point we begun to hear some stories about the church. It was a bizarre church at the top of a hill. It was alo very creepy.
The local people talk about the haunting of such church. And the party was set just besides it at the bottom of the hill!!

After the adventure back at home I tried to reproduce the phenomena wihtout success. However, one preset in particula of Vital was close enough and gives the
general idea. I perfected the preset closing the gap. And made an original preset that resembles what we heard in that church. Here is a simple example
of the sound:


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