The story

I am not sure if this particular street vendor is from Mexico, latinoamerica or worldwide. But the sound it produces (some sort of heating tank used to roast the bananas), server
as a trademark for selling. It is the sound of this street vendor. (many have their particular sounds). We chat with one of them and bought some bananas, and told him wahat
was the purose of this project. He even prepared the tank and its sound for us. We sampled it as best as we could. The original notes are harmonics in this sequence: F6, D6 and a final B5.
I tested all of them and the best one was the D6. It seems not to be the fundamental note but it works fine. I created 5 presets, the original sound (plus optional synth drone), the original sound looped,
stitched loops created in Cakwalk, stitched and delayed (Deelay) and a short version in D6. The result was fascinating.


Reviews for Roast Bananas Street Vendor

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  • Great choice of sound

    This sound has a good balance between tonal sound and noise, and the sample pitch (e.g. RB01) changes from the fundamental to its second and first harmonic, so it can create nice harmonies. And what an awesome Demo!!!!!

    TheGreatOz25 March 2023