The story

This is the first library I made in collaboration. Daniel Gallegos recorded the sounds in Argentina. I coded everything as best as I could in Decent Sampler (Mexico).
This instrument was very special for him and me. We share the fact we own (or had in my case) this Yamaha organ at our respective childhoods. We both learned
music with it. It was our first major instruments. This particular organ is designed to be in the living room, to serve (like the piano) entertainment to
visitors and parties. It has very nostalgic sound. And it has special sound designed to be just harmonics
of the main tones. There were 2 keyboard each with different sounds and 12 pedal for bass sounds (which I are very nice even in today standards).
The instrument works best and sound best mixing sounds. So I implemented the UI both ways. You can choose between individual sounds or you can put all together
in a very large (20 sounds) set. There is a separate preset for the vibrato versions, which unfortunately could synchronize properly
so it works best using individual sounds. The particular example that follows uses all flutes and then all strings (including cellos)


Reviews for YE C55

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  • A Sleeper Classic

    The Yamaha Electone series is one of the few solid state organs that has tempted me in recent years. The sounds you can get are rather remarkable. This virtual instrument will help me get most of the way there, without taking up all that space in my home!

    There are few samples that start on silence, and the GUI is a bit confusing to me - but, poking around, it's not difficult to come up with some great sounds, including something akin to the venerable Hammond organ.

    I do wish there was a way to crossfade between non-vibrato and vibrato patches, as having the ability to crank a static tone into something with a little movement would add so much more emotional expression into this instrument.

    Jake Hendriksen27 September 2023