The story

Back when we were kids we used to convert many types of leafs to sound instruments. We made this for fun. I remember the technique which is very simple.
Fold the leaf and trap the air at the bottom. Blow air and make a vibrating sound to the side. It sounds like a party blow, but no exactly: I included the
natural sound in the presets, but also made three additional versions: a granular pad, a stacato version and a sort of cat miau created using Krush bit crusher.
In the following example I used all except the natural preset: There are 4 presets: Natural, Granular, Staccato and Miau


Reviews for Leaf Flute

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  • Sounds exactly as I'd want, but...

    I don't believe it's tuned right, unfortunately. However, the character is perfect for various genres. Might have to resample to get it to work.

    Urro15 January 2024