The story

In order to continue with the MS-2 FM Synth, I created this crazy pads. The singularity of the sound and oscillation is created by Exponential FM.
We are used to linear FM (DX7, Dexed, etc). And recently in a synth documentary discovered that the Prophet 5 used Exponential FM. I was intrigued by this and
searched for a freeware that can manage this kind of FM synthesis. The only result I got was MS-2. However, as I mentioned before, creating presets in it and
giving versatility is very difficult. So I implemente original presets in Decent sampler. To add some craziness to this, I put TAL Filter 2 in low pass at a ver slow
rate. Then I looped the result in Decent sampler. The sound was fantastic, very refreshing. Here is just one preset in action:


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