The story

The idea was to create a useful percussive present from objects in my kitchen. I collected 27 diferrent samples of different objects both metallic and plastic.
I used one sound at the low end and one at the high end and mapped to create 20 more sounds at differnt frequencies.
The preset can be used as an effective percussive instruments. This was my first attempt to create a preset for decent sampler so it take me hours (specially coding). More ideas will come in the furue.


Reviews for K Percussion

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  • Very good first attempt -I like it quite much

    I cannot believe this is a first attempt at creating an instrument with DS, considering that the sound it delivers is quite nice. It can certainly be used as a percussive instrument, as it contains various types of sounds. Well done -and I hope it will be followed with other DS instruments!

    Jaime's Tone12 February 2023
  • Cool, clunky, pangy sounds

    I didn't use the GUI, so I wasn't sure what to rate for that.

    But the samples in this pack are great! I recommend putting some of the ones with a clunk and the start and pang at the end in reverse.

    Thanks for sharing these!

    Here's a little recording of me hitting them randomly that can be used for a demo:

    Seph06 February 2023