The story

I needed a Guitarron sample for the soundtrack of my videogame, but I didn’t find any. So I had the idea of making virtual instruments to add them as a new extension of my project.

My first VTS is this, a Mexican Guitarron, which is a musical instrument of strings invented in Mexico in the XIX century to play the section of the lowest notes of the Mariachi. It looks like a guitar because of its shape and strings, but it is larger, wide and with the proportionally short handle. This sample has all the strings of the instrument pressed in all tones, with up to 3 octaves B3 to C1.


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  • Nice!!

    An excellent addtion to our catalog of string instruments. This Guitarron sounds very low and it seems to be samled at several velocities. I wish the lower octave could be at the same loudness, but its all right. It will ver very useful to many kinds of composition. I will be following this samplist (from my country) to watch out for any other singular and wonderful instruments like this.

    carlosrgzSamplist 30 March 2023
  • As Authentitc as can be

    Hello Carlos
    Thank you for contributing such a wonderful Mariachi instrument to the Pianobook community.
    I love the deep and nostagic flavour with which you embedded the Guitarron.
    It sounds and feels so authentic.
    Would you consider sampling a Mexican Mariachi Vihuela and Guitar ?.
    Best Regards from Mexico City
    Arturo Manfredi

    turi11 September 2023