The story

Inspired by a library in Pianobook I search for a large piece of metal to makes sounds. The best object was a big classic spoon (40cm long).
I fixed the object to a table, then proceeded to hit it in several ways. I obtained 3 good samples, which I processed with granular effects. The results was
chaotic machine like sounds, very appealing. Here is a sample of 4 presets and its sound. I hope you find it useful:


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  • I just don't know

    So, it works but i just dont know how usefull this sorta sound is. All presets sound more or less the same having a look at the xml it seems like a rushed job and a flip of another preset by same author. Its just one sample stretched out the entire key range per group. The saying "quality not quantity" springs to mind.

    Eoin O'DowdSamplist 05 October 2023