The story

A while ago, browsing the KVR Forum, we found a topic written by a nice guy sharing his own samples from a Moog GrandMother. At first we asked him if we could make a custom UI for his samples. But the samples were not raw enough to build a full-fledged synthesizer, so we asked our friend Push-Pull, a sound designer from Switzerland, if he could record some raw samples for us on his own GM.
The LittleMommy is now in version 1.33, fully equiped with enough realtime controls, arpeggiator, spring reverb, effects …
In the V1.33 you also get a “randomize” button, just click on the “Noodle” logo.

09/21/2022: presets are now included with the instrument. Don’t forget to copy the folder into the “User Content” folder on your computer.


Reviews for The LittleMommy

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  • Character
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  • Not so little!

    Fluidshell Designs' designs can often appear - or sound - very complicated and overwhelming at first, but after taking a little time to explore and understand where everything is and what everything does, that's when the fun starts. And it's not only about fun, because that's how you unluck the potential of such intricate instruments!

    And this is no exception. As a counterpart to the BigDaddy, this one has to offer a different take on the world of synthetic sounds based on simple oscillators. The single oscillator engine goes through a number of effects, including a quality-made arpeggiator, and the results are, as expected, phenomenal. There are a lot of things going on by default, so I recommend turning everything off and start exploring each section one by one.
    Trust me, it's worth it!

    Alex Raptakis23 September 2022
  • Small synthesizer, authentic sound

    A lovely-looking synthesizer with a lot of possibilities. You can make an infinite number of sounds with this little synth, which is really awesome. The GUI looks very cool and full of character, however it can be a hard to use. I created some pretty cool and characteristic sounds with this and had a fun time doing so. Definitely a fun little synth to check out!

    BenBerkenbosch23 September 2022