Gianluca Piras’s Reviews

  • Beautiful and unpredictable

    Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this amazing project. You have created a very beautiful and unique instrument, not only for the sound but also for its unpredictable nature, which makes it truly alive.

    Global Swarm18 June 2022
  • Absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful sample pack. it's hard to say which is my favorite patch, but definitely every single sound captures you and puts you in the perfect mood for writing ambient and evocative music. Great job!

    Winter Voices09 June 2022
  • Thank you for this piece of history

    The sound of the Music Easel, as well as the sound aesthetics of Buchla, probably do not meet everyone's tastes. Personally, I have always found the west coast philosophy, which has produced machines with different tonal characteristics compared to the standards and whose behavior is not always predictable, very fascinating. I find this virtual version of the Music Easel really interesting and I absolutely agree with the decision not to force the intonation of the instrument excessively, respecting what in a certain sense is the nature of the original machine. I also enjoyed very much The PDF guide inside the sample pack, very beautiful and well-finished, you can see how much dedication and passion there is behind this work. Well done!

    Evergreen Easel18 June 2022
  • A great gift for all Lyra lovers

    I have loved Lyra Synth since I first saw a video of the Lyra 4 and i was fascinated by its incredible tonal originality. This library partially evokes that feeling and immediately transmits a strong sonic identity. Personally, I didn't particularly appreciate the portamento effect but I found all the various layers available in the menu very interesting.
    Thank you very much for this gift!

    Lyra Sextet Swarm08 June 2022
  • Very nice pads and a fantastic GUI

    These pads sounds very good and the GUI is fantastic. A perfect instrument for ambient/cinematic music.

    Chimera18 June 2022