MB Analog Synth

Edgy and biting analog synthesizer

The story

This library is called MB Analog Synth, because technically it comes from sampling an Arturia Minibrute. This was my first analog synth. I have it from 2016 and I really love his character: edgy and biting and also quite unpredictable when you start playing with its internal feedback processes. The Instrument contains nine different waveforms, all available simultaneously on the GUI panel, an envelope filter, an LFO, an arpeggiator and an FX section with chorus, delay and reverb.


Reviews for MB Analog Synth

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  • Nice set of analog waves.

    Nice set of analog waveforms. The GUI provides plenty of control to turn these into pads or other sounds of your liking.

    The set contains 8 different patches utilizing different samples for each, I'd honesty love to see these combined into a single instrument. This would provide a lot more flexibility and room for exploration. This would take it beyond the sound of the original source instrument. I'd also recommend for analog synth to provide some round-robins, that way there are some subtle differences in each of the keystrokes.

    Thanks Gianluca for the work.

    Mike Martin13 June 2022