Zither Soundscape

Slow evolving drones with lots of dynamic layers, that allows you to get both dark and warm sounds, with distant metallic echoes, along with aggressive and saturated tones.

The story

In 2019 I bought this instrument on ebay, with absolutely no idea how it should be played, but just for the sake of recording it, sampling it and then seeing what I could come up with.
Unfortunately I have no information about the manufacturer or the year of manufacture, the only thing you can read is the writing inside: Konzert-Salon-Harfe.
Said that, I started recording both single notes and some textures played with a cello bow and the result is what you can find inside this sample pack: it is basically a series of drones, which do not refer to any specific tonal context, characterized by a low register and a very slow evolving that was pre-recorded before mapping in Kontakt. In my opinion, the key to having fun with this instrument and trying to make the most of it lies in playing with the dynamics: for each drone there are in fact six dynamic layers, which allow you to obtain dark and warm sounds with distant metallic echoes, if you play softly, and instead, if you play strong, you can get saturated and aggressive tones that can be further emphasized if you go to increase the resonance of the filter.


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