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Tom Coote’s Reviews

  • Mars Attacks

    A great idea with a cool interface, a galaxy of sounds, and killer execution.

    NASA Space Pad10 December 2022
  • Outstanding

    Excellent visuals, and sounds from some of Pianobook's very best samplists. Possibly the best instrument on Pianobook.

    pOrtals11 December 2022
  • Great Sound

    Every now and again you stumble upon something that looks kind of average but creates exceptionsal sounds. This is one of them! Highly recommended.

  • Gorgeous Noise

    The interface may be basic but the tones that this instrument produces are lush, complex, and beautiful. One of the best sounding instruments I have found on Pianobook.

    Granular Flickers18 December 2022
  • Doesn't Suck

    A cool idea, a fun interface, and better sounds than you might expect. Although the background image could have been even better if they had taken the time to dress up like Freddie Mercury in the Radio Ga Ga video.

    The Deep Sampled Hoover11 December 2022