The story

When I first started experimenting with writing wavetable based synths it soon became apparent that I was unlikely to be coming up the next Serum or Vital any time soon. What I could do, however, is make some nasty, menacing, lofi, ambient noises. Inspired by the style and aesthetics of the early 90s black metal scene, I set about creating a suitably dark and atmospheric interface for some of the rawest and most intriguing sounds I could conjure up.

To select different wavetables, click on the runes along the top.
To make it sound even more evil, turn the pentagrams upside down.


Reviews for Dungeon Synth

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  • pure perfection and BM!!!!!

    this is a little piece of BM´s atmosphere, thanks, help me a lot with my project!!!!!

    Daemonactus12 April 2024
  • A lot of passion and quality

    I like a lot this instrument and the passion, effort and quality put in here.
    My full gratitude to the developer for his generosity.
    I like a lot the look and feel of the instrument, and also sounds are very inspiring.
    My respect.

    rattala08 April 2023