NASA Space Pad

Pads made from NASA sound recordings...

The story

A while ago I heard that NASA had made all of their recording available to use as part of a Creative Commons license, so I got in contact with Bert From Nasa and asked if they would be ok if I used those sounds to create a free-to-download sampled instrument. Bert From Nasa got back to me and said that would be fine “as long as there are no human voices”. So after spending at least half an hour thinking about how oddly specific that request was and wondering what kind of non-human voices NASA have got on file, I collected my favourite recordings from their site and set to work cleaning them up, editing them for better playability, and putting them into a Kontakt instrument. The finished product is a pad containing 15 different sounds for you to mix and merge to create whatever kind of extra-terrestrial noises you like.

I’ve added a snapshots folder with some instructions on how to copy the .nksn files into Kontakt from there, and in the readme file there’s more info about what all the different sounds are and how they were recorded if you’re interested in that sort of stuff.

Audio Artemis have also just released ‘Perseverance’, a sample library using NASA’s most recent recordings from the Perseverance rover on Mars, and it’s the perfect library to pair with the Nasa Space Pad. They have a free version here on Pianobook and their full version is available at


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  • THE Ambient Pad Generator

    Really extraordinary sound. With a few clicks you have near endless possibiltys to create new ambient pad sounds!

    Schulti22 October 2021
  • I can hear ware-wolves in here

    This is great. Iv'e only had time to dip my toe into this one. Tweaked a few faders and had wind and ware-wolves chasing me. There is nothing not to like about it. I think that I will be using this one a lot. This is the first time that I have given 5 stars for everything. Truth is, I can't think of any reason not too.

    Ray19 October 2021
  • The GUI belongs in an art gallery...

    This instrument is absolutely fantastic. An inspired GUI design makes this super playable and easy to use. It gives you plenty of possibilities for moulding the sound of the pad. Which can take you everywhere from purely atmospheric drones to the whistling winds of mars to tonal flute like pads. Bravo!

    R.Treves19 October 2021
  • 2021: A Space Oddity

    No problems here, Houston! In fact we are pretty peachy keen!! I don't even know where to start with this. It is absolutely immaculate. You really are transported beyond the stars with each different incredible and unique layer. I LOVE the option to mix multiple layers too. It really gives you so many possibilities as far as sound design is concerned and really gives this instrument a ton of versatility. I am really excited to map these other layers to different knobs on my Keystep and go to town making some evolving drones. And to top it all off the GUI is stunning as well. It really adds to the overall vibe of everything and just helps add to one's inspiration. You have AR, modulation fx, a great sounding verb, AND dirty bitcrush. I can't believe this was free. What an achievement. Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space.

    sirfache18 October 2021
  • Favorite in a While

    This is my favorite instrument from pianobook in a while, its so high quality and has so many different things you can do. The bass is also so fat. The Gui also looks great and has so many tweak able parameters that drastically change the sound, not just subtle little changes

    septemberwalk15 October 2021
  • Otherworldly Low and Pads and Rumble

    Amazing work, such a well-crafted high-quality sample pack. Perfect to add some low end or ambience to any track, I could see this really coming in handy for film scores. Since it was literally sampled from NASA's audio, there is nothing better for a space themes piece. Beautifully designed GUI in the NASA theme allows you to create a pad by blending up to 15 sounds as well as controlling attack, release, space and some others. Simply impeccable!

    Kalaish Stanley14 October 2021
  • No words to describe this

    This is a solid 5/5, hands down. This should be a paid instrument, since everything about it is very carefully done, with attention to quality, detail and with tons of character. A complete, fully featured sci-fi instrument, with tons of options to play around, a GUI with tons of controls and professional-grade graphics, and an endless amount of possibilities. At first you might think there is some noise in the samples, but it's just the character of one instrument. Once you mess around with some settings you will get the hang of it. Download it and you won't regret it.

    Alex Raptakis13 October 2021
  • Out Of This World

    If you are looking to give your low-end a booster or just looking for some astronomical space warp sound design type things, this is the one. There is a whole universe of choice in the GUI, which help you shape the sound. Juno, I Saturn this review for a while, but the sounds were too good not to review. I even think Eddie Van Allen might find some use for some of these sounds. Enough of the poorly crafted space references already, but great work and a must download.

    OzzyMusic13 October 2021