The story

I’ve recently been experimenting with using guitars to play sample based instruments and synthesizers. This is difficult to do well – especially polyphonically – but as my C++ skills have progressed, I have been making some progress. However, in this project, rather than converting the audio to midi, I have simply recorded audio from emulations, and then used midi to actually play the sounds. So I’m using a keyboard to play a guitar pretending to be a keyboard!


Reviews for Seven String Synth

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  • Great tones, with a surprising range of sonic possibilities

    I love that this is a "deep, crunchy synth" that doesn't sound like a typical deep crunchy synth. Great tones, and I am a big fan of the keyswitching to jump between presets without taking your hands off of your midi controller. The four presets are all unique enough from one another to keep the ear interested.

    The GUI has a consistent and fun look (not really my style, per se, but I can appreciate it).

    I have a few quibbles with the controls, but I was able to work past them quickly: the controls for delay, reverb, and filtering are stylized "knobs", but to use a mouse to turn them up/down, one will need to drag horizontally, instead of vertically, which took a moment to get used to.

    The other small complaint is that between the keyswitches (on white keys C, D, E, F), there are a few keys (Db and Eb) that will set the instrument to no preset, leaving you with an unresponsive synth and silence. If one is unaware of this quirk, they can be confused and frustrated.

    I really like the "randomizer" option, for generating random settings on preset, delay, reverb, etc.

    All in all, a very successful instrument!

    Jake Hendriksen15 November 2022