The story

As my experiments in sound design and audio programming have progressed, I have made a number of attempts at creating various styles of synthesizers, using C++ with Juce, as well as tools such as Kontakt to create wavetable synths using original (non sampled) sounds by routing Kontakt generated oscillations through wavetables. I have also combined these attempts with various VST based FX programs I have written using C++ and Juce. A number of examples of my instruments, FX, and presets, can be found on my web site at

All the sounds generated for Harmulator were also run through my free Siberian Hamster distortion plugin, before being sampled, to create some distinctly tortured tones. The four sets of samples can be further enhanced through either the ADSR controls, or by adding even more distortion and reverse reverb through the instrument’s XY pad.

Demo Video:


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