The story

Go ham, and remember to get the corners. This instrument has all the bells and whistles to provide a realistic cleaning experience. I had a day off so I made it for fun.

Special thanks to Jake Hendriksen and jdcheetham from the discord servers for providing ideas for features and beta testing. (I couldn’t get the user search function to work on the contributor part of the submission form)

Also big thanks to The Thump on PB for making the demo video featured here:


Reviews for The Deep Sampled Hoover

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  • Character
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  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • This is rad!

    The perfect library for a rivethead like me to use. I love the on/off sounds and the first time I played with the granular control, I laughed with delight. I love the GUI design, the shaping controls make it musically useful - not just a sound design tool - and I'll definitely be using it in some compositions.

    I also really like how you took the time to thank the Discord server users for their assistance - I love how pianobook is such a supportive community!

    Thanks for releasing this!

    The ThumpSamplist 21 November 2022

    Vr Vr Vroooom VRRRRRRRo0oO0o0o00o0O)o)O0o)O0o)MMMMMM

    Owen BoligSamplist 21 November 2022
  • Doesn't Suck

    A cool idea, a fun interface, and better sounds than you might expect. Although the background image could have been even better if they had taken the time to dress up like Freddie Mercury in the Radio Ga Ga video.

    Tom CooteSamplist 11 December 2022