Nicolasin’s Reviews

  • This is amazing! ;D

    This exemplifies the integrity of perfect imperfection. Built for purpose from the beginning and including the natural entropy, amazing! I am going to really enjoy catching the inspiration from this as it spirals in and out and on and off in all different directions, great job! <3

    The Janstorp12 January 2022
  • Merry Christmas!!!

    It's Boxing day and I'm watching random music tutorials and I come across Christians latest video with this amazing Epic Guitar, I mean what a present! I was actually looking at a video with a guy sampling his own guitar which I will do as well....after I've loaded this up, Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year 2023! <3

    26 December 2022
  • Wow, this is so cool! <3

    This sounds amazing, thanks buddy! Really organic and inspirational sounds, very cool! <3