SamuelPdavies’s Reviews

  • Honesty the best free Dulcimer for Kontakt

    5 stars all around, because there's nothing quite like this out there at this quality for free. I love the range of sounds. What more can I say, I've done a full review and walkthrough on youtube:The Best FREE Dulcimer

  • One Guitar to Rule them All

    If you're looking for a clean crisp classic sounding Electric Guitar, go no further, I can't believe this is free, in my option it trumps many paid guitars. The legato is fantastic, I love the 5 different sounds it comes with and the vibrato sounds so natural and well-balanced.

    I created a little video reviewing and walking people through it!

    RJS Classic Electric23 December 2022
  • A wealth of Articulations

    A gorgeous and clean low whistle, the Staccatos are really the icing on the cake for me, the velocity sensitivity took a bit to get used to but over all with multiple articulations, two mic positions and a clean sound what’s not to like!

    I did a full review and walkthrough on YouTube, in my series, ‘Free Sample of the Week’ Pianobook: Low Whistle - FREE Sample of the Week

    Low Whistle18 May 2023
  • An absolute Master Piece!

    I love this instrument, I love its personality, the snappy, jazzy feel of it all. You can create some beautiful and realistic legato lines, and the reverb nob is perfectly tuned.

    My one negative point would be the different mic positions, the close is beautiful the other two are a little quiet, and I don't see too much difference between them.

    I created a little video reviewing and walking people through it! Thank you Hidde Pieters for this instrument (sorry if I said your name wrong in the video)

    Tenor Saxophone20 October 2022
  • Fun & Beautiful!

    Firstly the GUIs are so well done, fun and cute. Each patch is unique and has its own character, I love the addition of the Granulator. Overall you can tell someone has put a lot of effort into all the details, the sound quality is fantastic.

    Heres a little video I made reviewing it!

    WörliTzer08 November 2022