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RJS Classic Electric is a finger picked electric guitar. The main sound features true-legato (hammer-on, pull-off) transitions, and real vibrato. The instrument also has a plain sound suited for arpeggios. Other keyswitch controllable articulations include slides, slide legato, palm muted notes, and dead notes. (User guide included.)

The package comes with ‘Guitar Chords’ accessory instrument that can be used to play simple but authentic chord recordings.

RJS Sampling Suite script collection for Reaper was an indispensable help while creating the samples. You can find more information about these automation tools on my YouTube channel.

About the Decent Sampler version of the instrument: The original library relies heavily on Kontakt’s script engine so it is impossible to make the Decent Sampler version work exactly the same way. The DS version is an adaptation of the Kontakt version and the two differ in legato functionality, keyswitching, and sound options. (Please read ‘readme.txt’ for more information.)

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  • Excellent!

    This is the beste sampled electric guitar ever until now, as far as I am concerned!!

    Dobrof01 April 2024
  • Jesus

    Jesus this voice very amazing!!!!!!!!!! its sounds like real guitar!!!! omg i love it

    donkbag42525 September 2023
  • Deep Sampling of a Classic Guitar!

    The Library
    A finger-picked electric guitar library, covering almost 4 octaves, and implementing a range of articulations, e.g., legato, palm muting, dead notes, slides, and more. Also, a separate instrument that allows you to play major/minor chords with several articulations (e.g., regular, muted, power chords).

    The Samples
    The samplist (Risto) has put in some significant time with this library, recording a deep range of samples. Main sample groups include: Normal (w/vibrato), No Vibrato, Palm Muted, Dead Notes, Up/Down Slides, Legato transitions (semitone & whole tone, up & down), Dead Strums, Noises, and Releases. The groups most prone to be played 'short' (i.e., no vibrato, palm muted) include 3 round robins. He also sampled part of the guitar at a different place on the neck, allowing the player to switch to different 'neck routes' via keyswitching for a brighter or darker tone. So many options, and including over 600 samples(!). And this is just for the Classic Guitar instrument.

    The Chords instrument includes the following sample groups:
    Major Up, Major Down, Minor Up, Minor Down,
    Power Chords Up, Power Chords Down,
    Palm Muted Power Chords (4 round robins), and
    Palm Muted Single Notes Up & Down (4 round robins each).
    Another 108 samples to accomplish this!

    The Instruments
    The 'Classic Electric' instrument is for playback of the single note samples, and it is set up to encourage arpeggios and simple solo lines. Besides the keyswitching to access the various articulations (see the handy diagram Risto includes in the files!), it allows you to turn on/off legato, turn on/off vibrato, and change the 'neck routing' to give you a slightly brighter or darker tone.

    The 'Guitar Chords' instrument is set up to quickly play strummed chords, palm muted chords, and palm muted single notes, again via keyswitching.

    And, then, both instruments have buttons to bring in several amp tones and reverb settings.

    What I Liked
    I like many things about this instrument. First off, that the samplist put so much time/energy/effort into packing this instrument with so much musicality.

    Secondly, it is so playable and usable, in so many ways, and in so many genres. From simple arpeggiation, to palm muted power chords, to dead notes/strums, to solo lines, the library gives you a broad reach.

    Third, it gives me a new appreciation for how much you can offer to the Pianobook community, even in a free instrument. Thanks, Risto! I am grabbing up your other instruments, also, and learning from them as I approach making my first sample library.

    What I Would Wish For
    Not much to say here, I like virtually everything about the library, especially the Classic Electric library (I'm a sucker for arpeggiated guitar). Maybe some more detailed documentation around 'neck routing'...? I found this part hard to understand, at first, and even had to ask questions to the samplist so I (hopefully) didn't mess up the explanation in the review.

    Overall - this is one of the very best implementations I have seen in Pianobook, and better than many paid libraries. Keep it coming, Risto!

    LoFoMusic10 September 2022
  • One Guitar to Rule them All

    If you're looking for a clean crisp classic sounding Electric Guitar, go no further, I can't believe this is free, in my option it trumps many paid guitars. The legato is fantastic, I love the 5 different sounds it comes with and the vibrato sounds so natural and well-balanced.

    I created a little video reviewing and walking people through it!

    SamuelPdaviesSamplist 23 December 2022
  • A great guitar patch!

    This is a neatly designed and programmed guitar instrument that comes with a lot of extras too. The sampling is great and it comes with a near full 4 octave range. Inside that range you will find that there are some nicely coloured key-switches that you need to hold down in order to get a different kind of sound the main guitar, such as slides and palm mutes. The best part for me is the legato, a simple switch that does a great job at simulating a simple legato articulation as you transition between two notes. It just works!

    You also get some extra sounds on the top of the range that might enhance the natural character of a more "normal" and loose playstyle. As a double extra, there is a separate patch that is filled with chords, that again can be altered via the handy keyswitches - the correct way to do it!

    Alex Raptakis07 September 2022
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