AndromedaX8’s Reviews

  • Wonderful Ambience

    This library is really something else. It's incredible to think that Hunter Rogerson took something that was basically just noise and turned it into such a beautiful instrument. It's amazing to just hold down a chord and listen to all of the interesting details in the sound. I especially love the lush sounds you get with the Pad-ifier. Highly recommended!

    NAMMbience22 September 2022
  • Perfect for ambient music

    This is a fantastic library with really beautiful and lush sounding pads. Just like the name suggests the sound is constantly evolving and you can even add more movement with the mod wheel. The GUI is amazing with lots of options to customize the sound. Overall I think this is a must have library.

    Evolving Pads22 September 2022
  • Simply Beautiful

    Another great library from Nami Audio. You get 3 beautiful ambient layers which can be blended to taste. All 3 of them sound great on their own but hearing all of them together is really magical. The mod wheel can be used to add a sub layer which provides more depth. These sounds are great for minimal and ambient music and I will probably use them with some piano playing on top. I highly recommend this!

    HF Textures22 September 2022
  • One of my absolute favorites

    This library is stunning! The Double Bass harmonics create such an interesting texture. Especially because of Sage's great performances every note is full of life and movement. There are four different colored zones on the keyboard with various tunings. The upper mids sound extremely beautiful and emotional, the highest notes are very ethereal and the lower range sounds really warm and deep. Finally the lowest bass notes give you really ominous drones. There is also the option to choose short or long loops or get a combination of both. I highly recommend this library and also check out the newer Labs version, which is a bit different and comes with some cool extra patches.

    Harmonic Flights27 September 2022
  • Absolutely beautiful guitar!

    Thank you Christian for this amazing Christmas gift! The tone of this guitar is stunning with a beautiful lush reverb tail that gives it that epic sound. Now we have a great guitar in the same space as other Air libraries.

    27 December 2022