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The thing I love the most about sampling is probably being able to capture not only a sound but most of all a performance. This allows me to inject so much life and motion into my compositions and gives me so much more inspiration.

Evolving Pads is one of those instruments for me. It consists of three patches created with some of my analog synthesizers (Roland Juno 106, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 and ARP2600). Each patch is a combination of two of the synths I mentioned previously sampled for a long period of time while tweaking many parameters.
They were also sent thru the wonderful Strymon BigSky Cloud reverb algorithm which gives even more life to the sounds and makes them evolving beautifully over time.

As a sidetone, these three patches are very personal to me because they can be found in my library Quasar, my very first commercial release that has many more sounds created with the same philosophy.


While the sounds are already quite rich in my opinion, they can still be heavily tweaked with an interface packing an envelope, multimode filter, drive, delay and reverb effects.

I hope you’ll enjoy this library as much as I enjoyed created the sounds.


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  • Perfect for ambient music

    This is a fantastic library with really beautiful and lush sounding pads. Just like the name suggests the sound is constantly evolving and you can even add more movement with the mod wheel. The GUI is amazing with lots of options to customize the sound. Overall I think this is a must have library.

    AndromedaX822 September 2022
  • Excellent

    Thank you for taking the time, these are great, really great x

    Dicky Waters12 September 2023
  • Pretty

    Really Great! I'd love to have the whole library someday...

    danbient30 September 2022
  • Perfect

    Excellent work man. Very high quality. Perfect for making emotional ambience.

    Toby26 August 2022
  • Well made and very inspiring pads!

    This is a very well made instrument, made with care and deep knowledge on the craft. It's about quite a few synthetic pad presets, based on a relatively simple, warm and mellow synth sound that evolves in various ways over time.

    Combined with the incredible GUI that we are used to see from Nami Audio, this is an excellent package that everyone need to try a little bit. My favourite part is that you can change what the ModWheel does through the built-in settings, and I like to set it on Drive. The default setting, Motion, is also quite good, though you need to be very precise while you perform on it, since the notes don't lock in a grid. This can always be fixed in programming by quantizing the midi information of course!

    In case you get a missing file error, just tick the three boxes on the bottom, click "Browse for folder" and just continue.

    Alex Raptakis01 September 2022
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