Snake’s Reviews

  • How is this free

    This sounds incredible! Very cool synth strings which, indeed, sound cinematic.
    Very very cool GUI, I really like the look of it!
    The pad is a really cool idea and well made, very cool!

    Ambedo28 September 2022
  • Beautiful drone

    It amazes me what you can do with DS, no really. Really cool drones (especially on the low-end) and the customizability of I don't know anymore. Really well done! Good job!

    Drone Drone24 May 2022
  • I didn't know I needed this, thanks

    Uhm, I just heard it and I gotta say, this sounds amazing. It has a windy low brass kinda sound on the lower end of the keyboard, the higher part sounds more like a clarinet, but still really windy and a little filthy if you get what I mean. I have recently gotten more into the ambient cinematic kinda style so this just fits in perfect! Sound quality is amazing, it has a lot of character, the GUI is really basic though, but it doesn't really need anything more, maybe a knob for the amount of wind (so you split the clarinet and the wind samples and change the volume), but besides that amazing job!

    The Moody Clarinet22 September 2022
  • A nondistorted/distorted guitar?

    I have never known a guitar could sound so distorted and reverby that it almost sounds like a cello with distortion sometimes, which isn't that much of a bad thing. The pluck pack sounds like a funky synth which isn't what I expected but then again, it is me I'm talking about xD
    The UI looks incredible, amazing job on that! (It sounds good too, don't worry)

    FEEDER24 May 2022
  • This GUI is really cool!

    Let's first start with the sound:
    There are a lot of different little bips and bops included in the instrument which all sound good, they are all useful for filling up your drum loops and stuff in my opinion. But that GUI though
    This thing's sexy, really cool idea and the modules look really cool, I do gotta say that the cables (connecting the modules) look a bit weird (weird turns and flips and stuff), also it's not that easy to look at first glance if the sustain is on or off by the button itself so maybe make it a different color or like the other buttons with a little light. Really cool stuff!

    NoiseBox22 September 2022