Snake’s Reviews

  • Beautiful drone

    It amazes me what you can do with DS, no really. Really cool drones (especially on the low-end) and the customizability of I don't know anymore. Really well done! Good job!

    Drone Drone24 May 2022
  • A nondistorted/distorted guitar?

    I have never known a guitar could sound so distorted and reverby that it almost sounds like a cello with distortion sometimes, which isn't that much of a bad thing. The pluck pack sounds like a funky synth which isn't what I expected but then again, it is me I'm talking about xD
    The UI looks incredible, amazing job on that! (It sounds good too, don't worry)

    FEEDER24 May 2022
  • It's the lite version, but still

    Even though this is massively toned down from the original one it still sounds amazing! It sounds so, well, human. If you need a quick guitar, this one's a good choice for sure! (If you have the money the full version is just so incredible!)

  • The whole instrument is at your fingertips

    I was first surprised about seeing a tab "percussion" in the dslibrary and I was pleasently surprised by hearing pretty much all the noises I could think of made by the Cuatra. The option for chords is a nice addition and I would like to see next time maybe adding sus chords, but that isn't necessary.
    It sounds good, the UI looks good, the variety of sounds are large, well done!

    Cuatro Venezolano24 May 2022
  • Hits all the points (pun intended)

    This relatively small pack has a lot going for it! The rythms are pretty nice, in my opinion, and the deep and high combo is pretty well spread. The ui is pretty basic but it doesn't need a lot. Good job on giving me less work to do when I'm creating rhythm sequences :p

    Rob’s Rumpfs24 May 2022