The story

This is my personal project. My attempt to turn the beautiful and nostalgic sound of Home into something shareable.

I say “Home” because yes the piano sounds great but you’ll also get a slight sense of being in the high wooden ceilings with the light coming in.

One time Dad was getting it tuned, we live in Northern New Zealand so there is only the one Paino turner – who lives in another town. He turns to my Father and says something along the lines of “You’ll let me know if you ever decided to sell this one won’t you.”

Here, in my second attempt, I moved towards an intimate piano that really comes alive as you press down.

Please Enjoy,


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  • Really beautiful sound

    I would say more but others have said the same spiel more effectively than I would be able to. Great work!

    apak03 January 2024
  • Awesome

    Awesome clear piano notes. Really brings out the sound of a clasic piano. Thanks.

    James09 February 2023
  • Work of Art

    I just had to write a review for this sample pack. In short, it sounds incredible. The recording method captures the piano's dynamic layers in exquisitely specific detail, and just like on a real upright, playing different velocities in this patch yields very responsive and expressive results. A few of the keys have a more sensitive velocity, in that if you hit them just a bit too hard while playing softly they could sound off much louder than other notes. However, this is only a minor detail, and doesn’t greatly affect the overall dynamics of playing across the keyboard. Regardless of the key action on whatever keyboard you're using, it feels and sounds like you're playing a real Yamaha Upright (and if you're like me and don't already have an upright in your house, playing such a distinctly realistic sampled piano is done with the joy of knowing you don't have to go out and attempt to haul a real one to your house). The sound quality of the piano is completely stunning; after having sifted through numerous piano libraries, downloading this one and hearing that classic, bright, in-your-face upright piano sound was a very pleasant surprise. It's just one of those sample libraries that inspires you to create something new virtually every time you play it, or even press a singular key. Yes, I admit, I've seen better GUIs than this one. The only ADSR controls it has are for the release. Other than the velocity and overall volume of the patch, there are no additional aspects of the piano that have controls in the main GUI, nor are there any controls for any extra pads or reverbs or the like. However, the controls that the GUI does contain are simple and straightforward, perfect for someone new to the craft. The use of what look like video game health bars is a slightly odd choice for GUI controls, but it adds to the unique character of this piano. Also, let's just face it, the beautifully aesthetic stained-glass background makes up for the lack of extra controls, and sets an excellent overall mood for this piano library. Another thing I’ll mention is that the "PAMAHA SOFTER" patch included with this library handles the softer, more empathetic side of this piano quite well. Its inclusion means that you can get you some of that "SOFTER PAMAHA" goodness without having to do anything drastic to dampen the sound of the regular patch. So, for two patches at this level of quality and less than 400 MB, this piano library is up there with the best. Well done, Dan. I would definitely recommend the PAMAHA to anyone who yearns for the sound and feel of a real upright at their fingertips. You won’t regret it, trust me.

    cheddaregg25 March 2023
  • Beautifully intimate tone

    This piano leans towards the lower mids side and it sounds very warm; especially if you run it through some tube emulation. One thing I will say though is that it requires some fine tuning inside of the piano roll due to its noticeable velocity layers and on a couple of notes you can hear some ugly buzzing when playing at a low velocity. Still though I've been using it over a few of my purchased libraries! If you take the time to programme it well then the tone is very nice

    gchadwickjones15 October 2023
  • Small piano, big personality

    Few sampled pianos are so expressive. This one is perfectly content to be delicate, but eagerly responds when its keys are slammed. Its bell-like tone and unbashful release sounds -- adjustable, of course -- yield surprising believability. And all under a half-GB? Wonderful stuff.

    bgsulz11 March 2023
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