The story

NoiseBox) produces strange sounds picked up by piezo captors and microphones. We made the first prototype in 2019 then sampled it.
Now the chosen sounds are available into this NKI. The graphic user interface is a recreation of the third Noisebox prototype. We’ve arranged the sounds into three categories:
– Light Blue keys are the raw samples
– Dark Blue keys are slightly processed samples
– Red keys are more processed samples
– the Black key is a “kick drum”

The sound straight out of the box was a bit too dry so we’ve added an overdive pedal, a LowPass (4 poles) filter and a reverb unit.

Noisebox is fun and immersive.
You can use it as a percussive instrument or a texture generator. Ambient and strange cinematic universes or just a bit of experimental fun for your tracks.

Exploring the NoiseBox) with Denis Dion [FR]


Reviews for NoiseBox

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • Outwordly SFX!

    In a similar design fashion as K-OSC by Fluidshell, this is a similar idea but with different kinds of sample that are getting processed. These samples are mostly mechanical noises that can be altered, distorted and crushed through this incredible GUI design.

    The samples are well recorded, and they become very versatile once you get the hang of the entire experience. I love the fact that you can mess with the screws and gears of the main box, and it makes it really satisfying to get such a sound change through these. It is highly recommended you spend some time exploring the instrument and the options, especially if you are into using different kinds of sound effects in your compositions.

    Alex Raptakis23 September 2022
  • This GUI is really cool!

    Let's first start with the sound:
    There are a lot of different little bips and bops included in the instrument which all sound good, they are all useful for filling up your drum loops and stuff in my opinion. But that GUI though
    This thing's sexy, really cool idea and the modules look really cool, I do gotta say that the cables (connecting the modules) look a bit weird (weird turns and flips and stuff), also it's not that easy to look at first glance if the sustain is on or off by the button itself so maybe make it a different color or like the other buttons with a little light. Really cool stuff!

    Snake22 September 2022
  • Amazing GUI, interesting sounds

    Let's start off with the best thing about this library. The GUI is absolutely astonishing. It is so creative and I really love all the details it has.

    When it comes to the sounds and usability of this library, it has a lot of interesting and creative noise samples. However, I find it hard to find a use for them. They sound good, but nothing too special if you ask me.

    Altogether, I think this is a useful sample library for people that want some cool noise samples. As a bonus, you get an amazing, inspiring GUI to use it with.

    BenBerkenbosch23 September 2022