Bemused’s Reviews

  • Lanois Lately

    An awsome collection. A definite nod to Daniel Lanois there's even a pad called as such. Can be used in so many different ways. Either as initial starter for inspiration. Or to add to already worked stuff.

    Joshua’s Hybrids13 October 2021
  • Truly Inspirational

    It feels as if you are immersed in the sound. Intimate, and usable across different genres.

    Micah’s Choir12 October 2021
  • Rewarding and Fun

    This is a nice instrument from MAS. The GUI brings a interesting approach for sound creation. As do the sounds. At first it was a bit mysterious, but soon caught up with its application (one little note about the GUI perhaps some bolder lines and colours could help to the user find, identify, and to pilot their way around all the sound options).
    The end result is a lot of possibilities. Noted another review about saving presets. This can be done by clicking FILE/DEVELOPER TOOLS/SAVE PRESET. Then the preset is saved within the DS instruments folder. And not subject to the vagaries of the DAW loosing them.
    I'm finding making presets a lot of fun, as it should be. Perhaps user presets can be shared on Discord for this and other DS Instruments.

    The Maze18 July 2022
  • A Plethora of sounds

    So much to be found here. Extensive collection of sounds. And with external processing become more. Classy GUI.

    Niue15 October 2021
  • Bigger is Better

    Love the size of the GUI here. Makes things so much easier to see and manipulate. Logical in its layout. Agree that the volume is low and needed adjustment. Plenty of character once you start playing with the individual levels, and ADSR (and came up quickly with my own presets). Noticed that the included presets were scattered across the preset folder were as others are grouped together. It may be my DAW, but not seen with other instruments.
    It went straight into a track I'm working on.

    Corrosion15 June 2022