Atmospheric and inspiring sounds all based on wine glass recordings.

The story

Niue is a sample library with atmospheric, inspiring sounds, all based on wine glass recordings.

With several finger snipping techniques as well as rubbing with varying pressure, I made different sized wine glasses oscillate to find the sweet spot of the glass sound.

For the recording, I used two large diaphragm microphones. Afterwards I processed the recordings with complex effect chains and granular synthesis to create unique sounds that still have their glassy character.

Niue contains a total of 38 patches, including atmospheric, moving pads, LFOs and tonal percussive hits.
Of course, there are also clean patches that send you straight to Hogwarts.

Why “Niue”?

The initial working title for this library was “Glass Fields”. It already fit quite nicely, but a few weeks ago I read an article about the pacific island called Niue. Due to its minimal light pollution, you can see the most beautiful night sky on the island, which is why it offically becomes the world’s first “Dark Sky Nation”.

The name and the feeling around “Niue” perfectly deliver the concept of crystal clear glass sounds and atmospheric pads.

Niue works in Kontakt 5.8.1+. The filter is MIDI learned to the modwheel.

Enjoy and have fun with this library.



Reviews for Niue

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  • Absolutely Beautiful

    The Tone of this instrument is so chill and beautiful. It sounds like something you would hear in outer space. This is probably the west wine glass tool kit of sorts on pianobook. The pads are warm and chill but still have that glassy quality to them. They slightly pulse and evolve for interest. I would maybe like even more of the glassy top end, maybe controllable on the GUI but its still very beautiful. You also get some little transient type hits which cut through but are still pretty hill and sweet. The GUI is simple but looks nice. Theres so much inspiration to get out of this library and with all the different patches you could write a whole cue with just this

    septemberwalk10 November 2021
  • This could easily be a premium instrument

    There are so many instruments included in this patch, hits, pads, LFOs, sfx... Seriously so good. I have already used several patches in a few of my tracks. Awesome stuff Fabian!

    Chris H12 June 2022
  • sin palabras...realmente perfecto!


    Martin12 October 2021
  • For me this is by far the most interesting and awesome library out there

    This library for me it's just perfect. I love the star pads and how creative you got from just wine glass..thank you for this one really , this is one of the best library on Pianobook.

    ARKAN13 October 2021
  • Outstanding Sounds

    When I first looked at the description, I thought this would yet another mediocre found sound library. Boy was I wrong! The various instruments, textures and overall sound blew my mind away. I found the inspiration I was looking for my next track while playing around with this library and I hope to make a demo track featuring this instrument soon!

    AIYER09 April 2022
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