The story

The DR-110 was my first drum machine back in the days.
When I was in high school, I used to mess with all kind of electronic sound thingies and this small plastic box was my go-to drum generator. I have used it for years and sold it in 2008. But not before sampling it a lot on various kind of mediums. This instrument is based on the recordings I’ve made before the sale.

The recording path is pretty simple: DR-110 into an Ibanez RM80 mixer and recorded with a Marian Marc8 (and Samplitude). The sound has been slightly processed to fit into this Kontakt instrument but keeps the same feeling. The real instrument does not provide a “sub” so I’ve created one sharing the same vibe.

The UI is a 3D design reminiscence of the real DR-110, upgraded with major improvements such as individual processing of each sound, overdrive, compression, reverb, delay, low-pass filter, fatness…

The DR-001 does not provide a sequencer but the gummy pads are now dedicated to muting individual sounds, so you cand use the instrument in a live performance or automate the mute functions via MIDI/DAW.


Reviews for DR-001

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  • A basic drum box

    Packed in a nicely designed GUI, this small drum box is simple and straightforward. It consists of 7 samples, one for each percussive sound. There are mute switches, volume controls and extra effects separated for each piece of the kit, though I'd prefer the volume knobs to be close on the bottom, related and aligned with the mute switches

    The mapping is different than the generic midi map, but the number of samples is small enough to get used to very quickly.

    Alex Raptakis23 September 2022
  • Nice sounds, great character.

    This library does one thing, and it does it well. It sounds like a classic drum machine, and I love it. The sound is very punchy. I kind of miss the fact that it does not have any round robins or dynamic layers.

    I really love how the GUI looks, it has a lot of character. Even though the mapping might be a bit confusing, it did not really bother me. All the knobs and effects allow for a lot of customization, even though the sample set is limited.

    BenBerkenbosch23 September 2022
  • Weird layout

    This is a basic drum kit which sounds ok (I am not that into more electronic kinda stuff but sounds good to my knowledge). The high-end could be a bit lower but that's it. I would say that the layout is a bit weird as I'm used to the C-kick C#-E snare F toms and then F# G# A# hihat, but it isn't bad to have the instruments layed out differently. I do gotta say that I would like some toms, but no worries on that part as the basics are in. Really cool GUI btw, I like the button designs!

    Snake22 September 2022