durable’s Reviews

  • This instrument calls me back

    I really like this instrument, including clean and overdriven patches. The way the samples are done with vibrato applied at right time during the samples feels right. I know I'm going to use this on some tracks. One of the most memorable instruments I've encountered on pianobook.

    RJS Guitar28 October 2021
  • GUI is so tweakable

    I really enjoyed messing around with this instrument and like its "organ-y" and padlike quality. Tweaking the GUI is understandable and inspiring - adding in slight or more amounts of various effects is sonically rewarding. The distortion really works well with the samples. Really enjoy this.

    Helen17 May 2022
  • Enjoyable palate - tweakable for non-synth players

    Can get soft organ tones up through strong distortion. I enjoy the controls.
    There's not too many knobs which might appeal if you're like me and get lost on most synths - but with these I can quickly learn what the knobs do and shape the sound in a meaningful way. Tones are vintage-retro in a nice way.

    Breadboard Synth03 May 2022
  • Lightweight piano - sharp attack

    I'm not a piano player - so I can't speak to finer points, but this might be my favorite pianobook piano for cutting through due to its sharp-clear attack. Small size of samples is a plus for something that sounds very good.

    KeySolutions Steinway D03 May 2022
  • I enjoy the patches

    I enjoy the drone-ish tones. Only suggestion to user is if you find the attack a bit clicky on the first couple presets, go into kontakt wrench settings and slow the attack a tad (1-1.5ms is fine) to hide the initial "click" on keypress.

    Ebow Evo Guitar03 May 2022