durable’s Reviews

  • This instrument calls me back

    I really like this instrument, including clean and overdriven patches. The way the samples are done with vibrato applied at right time during the samples feels right. I know I'm going to use this on some tracks. One of the most memorable instruments I've encountered on pianobook.

    RJS Guitar28 October 2021
  • I like it

    As others have mentioned, the samples or cassette treatement are a bit noisy, but it creates a kind of hairy warmth if you're ok with that kind of effect. The two sounds blend nicely, and I like the way the instruments swell in a mild way. The first sound Op1 is more flutey and cleaner, and the second OpZ seems to contain more of the cassette hiss and has bit of brass mixed in and can get pretty shrill in upper range, so lean to Op1 sound higher up the keyboard. I really do like the blend of the sounds though. The cassette hiss is pretty noticeable so usability may depend on your taste there. User soften the attack a bit as another comment mentioned. Overall I like this and could see myself using this.

    Arctic Pad09 November 2021
  • Interesting concept and usable sound w/ caveats

    I like vintage sounding stuff, so this is interesting to me. Love the idea ML applied here just to see what happens! Main playability issues: - the higher notes produced by the ML have quite a bit of jitter artifacts making them not very usable, so need to stay away from the top 1-1.5 octave. -The ML modeled quite a bit of noise of the string scraping aspect of the sound, and - the character of the sound changes abruptly around the middle of the keyboard starting at A#. That said, the meat of the instrument has feels old/vintage in playback and has a nice worn-out vibe even considering, and alot of the artifacts/jitters aren't as noticeable if playing chords and it ends up creating a usable texture. The sound doesn't really compare to the sound of Cellotron 1976 or Hellotron instruments that I have, but it's in the same ballpark and usable in its own way if you're into those kinds of sounds. There are good controls for adsr, hi cut, and resonance - though I do wish there would've been a volume knob for a bit of verb. I can see myself using this for the vibe.

    Machine Learning Viola14 November 2021