An evolving clarinet patch

The story

Here is an evolving pad clarinet instrument – played by my mum – Helen!

Designed to create variating textures and be able to introduce layers over time.

It was all recorded with an Aston Origin mic pushed as close to the instrument as possible before getting unwanted resonance.
As a result, the breath is audible in the soft layer and you can even hear the overtones as the breathing gradually changes.

To add the layers drag the symbols up and down.

Given time constraints and my moving to Latvia, I wasn’t able to make the instrument more comprehensive but I will return to it and update it in future.
Also, there is another evolving reed instrument in the pipeline!

P.S I’d like to thank Obolig on the discord server for his infinite generosity and help!


Reviews for Helen

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • lovely!

    lovely, organic, improv-like yet melodic. good GUI and a lot of fun!
    thank you!

    wakax15 May 2022
  • More Sandman than Candyman!

    This is one of those sample instruments that can both create realistic 'performances' with judicious use of the generous and well executed controls or facilitate random loveliness just setting them all going with LFOs. The sound is dreamy in nature and definitely more Sandman than Candyman. Moreover, it's just great fun to use.

    thebutlerdeclines15 May 2022
  • A breathy clarinet with crazy evolutions!

    You can't really expect such an in-depth and crazy take on the clarinet! At first it's a soft clarinet, with a very breathy and mellow sound to it. It has a long release, which makes it less good when it comes to a legato playstyle, but it's definitely not made for that. In contrast, you will see 10 different icons spread around the GUI, and each one of them will introduce something magical, and every one of them can inspire the player or the listener in its own way. When combined, they create something beautiful or chaotic, or both!

    Surely the GUI is not the most user-friendly one, but it's definitely worth to get it and start exploring different combinations and evolutions through this well crafted instrument.

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022
  • GUI is so tweakable

    I really enjoyed messing around with this instrument and like its "organ-y" and padlike quality. Tweaking the GUI is understandable and inspiring - adding in slight or more amounts of various effects is sonically rewarding. The distortion really works well with the samples. Really enjoy this.

    durable17 May 2022
  • Nice!

    I have yet to work out how I want to use this instrument, but enjoying all of the subtleties (and not-so-subtleties) I find as I explore further. One of the coolest GUIs I've seen on Pianobook so far. Thanks Nick :-)

    Steves-Lens15 May 2022